Cleanliness is a sin qua non for any entertainment facility, because people want to enjoy themselves and relax without anxiety, and distraction. Hence, it is very imperative to have an efficient and regular entertainment facilities cleaning service for a movie theater or any other entertainment venue because dirt, dust, grime, mold and food leftovers can quickly spoil the comfort of the environment and the whole purpose of entertainment goes to dogs, because people don't like to go to dirty places.

Classic Maintenance Services Pvt. Ltd., is your one and only experienced Integrated Janitorial Service partner for your entertainment facilities cleaning requirements. With over 10 years of constant servicing to the various entertainment facilities, we understand the fast-pace of the entertainment industry and the dynamic cleaning requirements and time limits of providing these cleaning services. So, we have equipped ourselves with necessary equipments and the staff to complete the job quickly and effectively.

Whether your entertainment facility is a live event performance facility, stadium, club, sport stadium, racetrack, arena or music performance hall, CMS Entertainment Facilities Cleaning Service team is well prepared to meet all your entertainment facility's cleaning needs effectively. We understand that these facilities require precision in execution in addition to the organized cleaning staff, and proper use of equipment and resources. Despite the size of your entertainment facility, or how quick of a turnaround time you want - we are ready, willing, and able to fulfill your entertainment facility's cleaning requirements.

Classic Maintenance Services Pvt. Ltd. performs an extensive background checks on their employees prior to their entering our rigorous training program to provide housekeeping and janitorial services. Thus, you can rest assured your facilities security is safe with us.

Blinds, Curtains & Drapery Maintenance
Blind Re-taping and Re-cording
Cleaning and proper placement of curtains on doors, windows, and the stage
Mini and Vertical Blind Procurement
Periodic Blind Dusting and Washing
Professional Drapery Dry Cleaning

Mechanical Maintenance
Cleaning and maintenance of all the machinery
Lifts and Channels Maintenance
Periodic inspection and repair of machinery
Projectors and Trolleys Maintenance

Carpet Care
Dry, Steam and Foam Shampooing
Spot Cleaning

Set-Up & Breakdown
Assisting in setting up event
Lights and fans
Placing of carpets, chair, tables
Sound and lighting systems

Fabric & Furniture Maintenance
Fabric Partition Cleaning
Fabric Shampooing, Dry Cleaning and Foam Cleaning
Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

Floor Care
Cleaning Beneath Raised Tile Flooring
Marble Restoration
Marble, Terrazzo, Wood, Vinyl Tile, Cement, Rubber and Ceramic Floor Care
Surface Cleaning of Raised Tile Flooring

Building Cleaning and Maintenance Services
Environment Friendly Green Cleaning
Heavy Rubbish Removal
Kitchen and Break Room Maintenance
Office Cleaning
Porter/Matron Services
Post-Construction Cleanup
Pre/Post Move-In Cleanup
Restroom Cleaning and Supplies
Snow Removal
Window Cleaning

Post- Event Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning
Change Over Crews
Concrete Sealing
Floor Cleaning
Parking Lot Cleaning
Pressure Washing
Seat Cleaning

Public Space Maintenance
Graffiti Removal
Litter Removal
Pressure Washing
Street Cleaning

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