The exterior look of a building is equally important as the interior decoration. Facade is exposed to the ravages of environment and weather, such as rain, dust, pollution etc., which not only defaces the look of the building but also is detrimental for the life of your building. So, it is necessary to keep it sparkling clean and maintained. Classic Maintenance Service and its specially trained crew for Facade cleaning is second to none in providing the best Facade cleaning services in entire India. The crew is properly trained for any type of Facade cleaning work at all height levels and in all weather conditions, regardless of access difficulties, using rope access techniques, scaffolding, mobile elevated work platforms, high pressure wall creepers, telescopic equipment, reach and wash system, abseiling, traditional ladder access and the safe use of fall-arrest safety harnesses used in conjunction with safety eyebolts.

We understand that your building is a sign of your social status and prestige and you do care for it as you do for your kids. So do we, we take every possible care to protect and clean your building's Facade including use of chemicals, equipments, weak and important points of the buildings during our Facade cleaning service.

We take due care while the Facade cleaning to completely remove the destructive pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur and any other acidic rain pollutants. Before beginning to work on the site we thoroughly consider about choosing and implementing the most suitable method like chemical, non-chemical, abrasive or a combination of all these methods to clean Facade of your building ensuring the protection against damage to the workforce, building, site and the surrounding environment.

We strive hard to ensure that the Facade of your building leaves a lasting impression on your clients, workers health & safety and durability to your building.

Besides the Facade cleaning of high rise building we also offer window cleaning services for every type of business including malls, showrooms, offices, colleges, factories, hotels, schools, training institutes, cinema halls and commercial complexes. These economical services are executed by the team of our experts having extensive experience and expertise in the task of wiping, sponging and cleaning the glass windows in and out keeping in view the health safety of the dwellers and environment friendliness. Assuring timely execution, our professionals provide these Facade and window cleaning services in tandem with the specifications detailed by the clients.

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