Classic Maintenance Services Pvt. Ltd., provides a wide range of services like industrial cleaning, housekeeping and janitorial services to all sorts of manufacturing industries. Whether you need a simple cleaning task handled or have a project that requires turnkey services, including project management and waste disposal, we are able to meet your expectations with the experience and resources to serve your all your requirements.

We provide comprehensive manufacturing plant cleaning and safe waste disposal services after thoroughly understanding your requirements. Then from planning to execution, we quickly and safely undertake all the cleaning requirements in your facility in quite effective and professional manner to give you absolutely cleaned, neat and tidy manufacturing facility.

Some of the basic tasks we include in our Manufacturing Cleaning Services are as follows:
Cleaning Building structures
Coating removal
Cleaning of Conveyors
Cleaning Exhaust stacks
Cleaning Heat exchanger and condenser tubes
Cleaning Industrial pretreatment plants
Industrial waste containment, analysis, transportation and disposal
Cleaning pits, surfaces and tanks
Preparation equipment for metal finishing
Cleaning process equipment
Cleaning process sewers
Cleaning Floors & walls
Cleaning Ventilators, Doors and Windows
Cleaning packaging area

Safety plays significant role in the manufacturing plant, and we adhere to the safety guidelines while performing our cleaning tasks.

Our expertise and over 10 years of experience in the industry and 99% customer retention, we can easily manage the long-term as well as the day-to-day cleaning tasks in any type of manufacturing environment. We employ the latest and advanced technology solutions to provide you with the cleaning service for your manufacturing facility.

Therefore, we are able to offer full cleaning and maintenance services for your manufacturing facility, and ensure that work performed by our Manufacturing Cleaning Services department adheres to proper procedures for Sanitization, safety standards and cleanliness. Our Manufacturing Cleaning crew is trained in accordance with the government standards and follows strict rules for quality control to ensure the best cleaning services for your manufacturing facility and your satisfaction.

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