Classic Maintenance Services Pvt. Ltd., provides the highly professional service needed to cleaning and maintenance of your warehouse, and making it neat, tidy and environmentally safe place to stock your valuable products and lead a healthy life for your employees working in your warehousing facility. A clean and safe warehousing facility is imperative to a successful business and directly pertains to the quality of your services. In many industrial environments and especially in warehouses floors can be a particular problem due to the type of products and duration of their storage in the warehouse. Dirt builds up over time making the warehousing facility look grimy and unhygienic, which becomes unsafe for the health of the workers. Warehouse Cleaning & Maintenance Services team of CMS have the technical know-how and modern machinery and equipment to tackle these problem areas properly and safely and can clean most floor types including concrete, tiled, slate, cement, sealed, painted, stone, marble and many more surfaces. The CMS Warehouse Cleaning & Maintenance team is quite capable, reliable and experienced to handle the cleaning and maintenance of any size of warehousing facility efficiently. We offer day to day clean up of your warehouse and specialized maintenance as per your requirement. We work to clean your warehousing facilities according to your schedule, without ever inconveniencing your staff or interrupting the work, because we understand the complexity of the situation when work is interrupted it causes loss to the business.

Our Warehouse Cleaning and Maintenance services include but are not limited to: Warehouse Cleaning and Maintenance

Cafeteria and Break Rooms Cleaning
Day Porter Services
General cleanings tasks
Pre-treatment of stains and spills
Restroom Cleaning and Supplies
Sweeping and mopping of floor
Trash Removal and Safe Disposal of the waste
Wall & Ceiling Cleaning
Warehouse Safety Line Painting

Warehouse Floor Cleaning
Floor Stripping and Wax Refinishing
High Speed Buffing
Marble, Cement, Wood, Rubber, Ceramic Terrazzo and Vinyl Tile Floor Cleaning
Warehouse Pressure Washing

Public Space Maintenance
Litter Removal
Parking Lot Cleaning

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