Our government institutions are the face of our society, and they have a pressure to maintain high standards of cleanliness and presentation as they are the key contact points where public meets with the government. Government institutions are of various nature, magnitude and situated in distinctive environments for the reason being that our country is spread from tip of the hills to the shore of the ocean having diverse environmental conditions, so they do require their own unique set of janitorial and maintenance standards. That is why whole of our Government Facilities Cleaning Service team is being provided complete training on the specific cleaning needs of government institutions.

Classic Maintenance Services Pvt. Ltd., is the undisputed leader in providing housekeeping services and any sort of cleaning services and never delivers less than the best. Whether, it's a courthouse, city hall, town hall, museum, or any type of Government facility our team has always received accolades from the government officials for their unflinching efforts and services.

To the government facilities cleaning services we provide 24-hour operations support and measured inspection, dedicated and experienced support to handle any sort of cleaning and janitorial service and a completely clean, safe and shining government building from both inside and outside in any environmental condition and in any geographical location.

We not only just offer competitive pricing but also a sense of security and trust. In terms of government facilities cleaning service we, we specialize in:

Carpet cleaning
Common area cleaning
Ground cleaning
Hard floor care
Office Cleaning
Restroom cleaning
Trash collection
Window washing
Lawn mowing
Parking area cleaning

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