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Indoor quality of your office may be worse than it is outdoors

We are using the latest technology, advanced machines especially imported from Germany and the USA for this purpose. Unlike the obsolete machines used by competitors these machines are gentle to the carpet cleaning, but, viciously attack, extract and remove the dirt and grime from the surface of the carpet as well as that, which is embedded in it.

Do you know these facts?

Dust floats in the air or spreads with shoes and settles in the carpet piles. Fine dust is actually living dust-microscopic, health-threatening dust mites live in it. Over 19,000 dust mites in a single gram of fine dust. Dust mites cause allergies like fatigue, runny noses, and itches, and even severe asthma.

Ordinary carpet cleaning services in Delhi NCR does not get rid of dust mites, only powerful, thorough cleaning with the best biodegradable chemicals can do.

On average a good quality carpet lasts at least ten years, subject to cleaned professionally. It might be thrown out within a year or two. One should get cleaned the carpet at least twice a year.

CMS applies the right methods, using the right amount of mechanical action to pry ingrained dirt and grime and stubborn stains out of your carpet with no fabric damage.

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Carpet cleaning process

Thoroughly dry vacuuming of all Carpet surfaces to achieve an excellent result.

Clean the surface with the single disc machine fitted with nylon, soft, brush scrubbing at a speed of 190 RPM, applying cleaning agent solution via the tank of the machine.

Clean water sprayed with the spray–extraction unit into the pile under pressure and immediately vacuumed away again together with the dissolved dirt, all in a single pass. The result is deep cleaned carpets and upholstery, free from odors and dirt. Allergy sufferers will sing your praises.

Hot Water Extraction

Combination of Hot Water Extraction and Shampoo

Removal of odor and stains like Rust stains, Gum, oil, grease, and ink.

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Bayer’s Crop Science


Aviva Life Insurance

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

Computer Science Corporation

Mckinsey knowledge Centre Pvt. Ltd

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