Waste Management Service

Bin-e Waste Management System – World’s first AI-based smart waste bin that recognizes and sorts the waste automatically.

Bin-e optimizes waste management in any facility, allowing saving costs, time, and labor. It ensures precisely sorted raw material through automatic recognition and segregation.

Even though, the need to re-use raw materials keeps increasing, only 29% of waste is recycled nowadays. Recycling guidelines are confusing for people to follow and waste management remains inefficient, it’s not a data-driven process. Bin-e is an AI-based smart waste bin that aims to tackle these issues. It recognizes, sorts, and compresses the waste automatically. Thanks to the compression of plastic and paper the frequency of emptying the bins are reduced by half. The integrated app delivers real-time data that allows optimizing waste management operations. Bin-e is designed for offices and public places, enabling them to achieve efficiency in waste management and reach green strategy goals. It combines the most advanced technology to simplify recycling and facilitate the transition to a circular economy.

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