Electrical Maintenance

Our solutions help you protect your business by focusing on reliability and efficiency to maximize comfort, safety, and ROI.

Classic Maintenance brings a new dimension of expertise.

The building that houses your business is the beating heart of your enterprise. Staff work here, you meet your customers here and visitors come here to use the services and facilities you provide. A well-designed and maintained building is critical to future growth and success. But is your facility a source of value? Or a drain on resources? You must protect people, assets, and reputation to ensure business continuity. You have to reduce energy use to meet changing regulatory requirements. And these considerations must be balanced against the need for design and functionality that maximizes the use of space and enhances the user experience. Eaton’s breadth of products and services makes us an ideal partner to help you meet the challenging demands of today’s buildings. With a unique mix of solutions, ranging from electrical distribution infrastructure to lighting, and critical power solutions to safety and fire systems, Eaton provides one complete offering that meets local standards when and where you need it.

Protect people, assets, and reputation for business continuity.

At CMS, we provide reliable power for continuous operations, help protect people during maintenance and commissioning and provide life safety, notification, emergency lighting, and fire detection systems. We also help protect your building with solutions for intruder detection and access control, shared expertise in regulations and building codes, training on the latest safety practices, arc flash prevention solutions, energy audits, and other services. We always strive to exceed standards, so you can focus on running your business.

Design and build for resiliency and sustainability.

Your building is often your most important asset. At CMS, we focus on protecting the future value of this vital investment by making sure your building reflects your brand. Our energy-efficient products help lower operating costs and reduce your carbon footprint; while custom design solutions help you achieve your vision. Work with Eaton for flexibility of design for future needs and regulations, plus innovative, forward-thinking technologies for maximum functionality, productivity, and optimal use of your building space.

Lower risk with on-time project execution and expertise.

Reducing risk in the construction and commissioning of your building allows you to focus on customers and building your business. So at CMS, we are always looking to mitigate small risks before they become big threats. Leverage our expertise as you construct or refurbish your building, and rely on our satellite and service centers to provide local stock. We also offer access to an extensive network of channel partners with the materials and equipment you need, when you need it. Our offering includes products designed for labor-saving installation, local project management, and pre-and post-sale service and support. At CMS, we always lead with the latest technologies to push beyond today and ensure you reduce risk tomorrow. Our solutions help you protect your business by focusing on reliability and efficiency to maximize comfort, safety, and ROI.

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