Commercial landscaping / Horticulture Services

Classic Maintenance Services Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading commercial landscaping / Horticulture and maintenance company. For five years the company has maintained its commitment to quality, integrity, and service.


Integrated Landscaping Maintenance

Truly effective Horticulture management requires the ability to deliver a complete range of services. Our services combine intelligent cost control and multi-layer problem solving into a complete landscape management solution.

Comprehensive Grounds Maintenance Programs

From month to month and season to season, your investment is managed by experts capable of identifying and reacting to any need immediately.

Expert Horticulture Services & Care

Our staff of experts with advanced horticulture degrees applies both education and experience to the design of fertility and pest management programs that meet the state’s unique requirements.

Pest Control Operators

Our fertilization and pest control programs are performed by expert technicians under the careful supervision of highly educated horticultural experts.

Accurate Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

There are hundreds of plant diseases and pests in India. Accurate diagnosis and treatment are essential in preventing long-term costly problems. We have developed the depth of experience and organization necessary for accurate, cost-effective diagnosis and treatment.

Irrigation Design & Installation

The landscaped environment depends on water — the correct amounts properly delivered at the right times. We provide both scheduled and emergency service to assure that your irrigation system is consistent.


Rent-a-Plant (TM) on a daily, monthly, or yearly contract This includes the services of our gardener who visits customer premises thrice a week for regular watering, fertilizing, pruning, and general maintenance of the plants hired.

Tree Transplanting

This is a much more environmentally friendly way to deal with problem trees. This is a specialized service and we can proudly say that we have successfully undertaken many transplanting jobs with very encouraging results.

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