Retail Maintenance

As a business owner, you should be able to focus on your business and its production rather than focusing on petty maintenance issues. But, many a time you need to focus on these issues mostly because your customers are complaining about it, your sale is dwindling down, or for any other reason. And it really affects your business. Isn’t that? What if someone could take all of your maintenance issues away and even provide preventative maintenance?

Just take your phone and give a call to Classic Maintenance Services Retail Maintenance Team and you just go back to focus on your business leaving the worries of maintenance issues on our team. Classic Maintenance retail cleaning services can make your life easier, and keep your customers and employees happy.

With over 10 years of industry experience including commercial, retail, industrial, educational, and financial institutions. We offer full maintenance service programs tailored to your individual needs. We specialize in providing our retail clients with a wide range of effective and timely retail cleaning services. From contract janitorial or housekeeping services to floor care, you can rest assured that a proven leader in retail facility care is working to make your retail facility clean and safe in all aspects.

Our team of Retail Maintenance Services understands the significance of protecting your products while making sure all your store’s cleaning requirements are met up to your satisfaction and enhance your facility’s and brand’s image to your customers.

CMS Retail Cleaning Services can help you:

1. Cleaning all glass, mirrors, and shelves

2. Cleaning and sanitizing restrooms

3. Cleaning of ceilings and ventilation points

4. Cleaning of the storage area

5. Dusting all fixtures and furniture

6. Vacuuming and mopping of all flooring

Above are some basic services you can expect, but we can create customized retail cleaning solutions to suit your store’s specific needs.