Financial Institutions Cleaning Service

Nowadays, financial institutions like Banks, ATMs, Firms providing loans, etc., are places where people visit in large numbers on daily basis. And the old adage “First Impression is the last impression" is nearly true for these places, because customers make the image of these places in their minds in the first 30 seconds of entering the building and accordingly instill trust about you in their hearts. And we Indian’s stoutly believe the Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth) likes to stay in only cleaner places. So, as a financial institution, you won’t want to lose the trust of your customers and the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

Classic Maintenance Services Pvt. Ltd., can help you provide all year round cleaning services to your financial institutions and give you and your customers a spotless and clean environment in the building. Our crew has the tools and the training to provide the best financial institution cleaning services in India that you and your customers can count on. With over 10 years of industry experience and a 99% client retention rate, we are the industry leaders in providing cleaning services to financial institutions throughout the country. Our Financial institutions cleaning services crews are bonded and insured, and we carefully screen all of our cleaning crews through complete background checks, so you can rest assured that the security of your financial institution is in safe hands.

Our cleaning can be scheduled with the frequency that you require to keep your facility looking neat, clean, and tidy! Our financial institute cleaning service program includes:

1. ATM Cleaning

2. Carpet Cleaning

3. Check writing countertops

4. Cleaning of break rooms especially, microwaves, refrigerators, water coolers, and tea/coffee vending machines

5. Disinfecting and sanitization of lavatories

6. Degreasing the touchpoints

7. Dusting and wiping display cases and kiosks

8. Entrance door glass

9. Floor Stripping and Waxing

10. Cleaning of offices, lobbies, waiting for areas, break rooms

11. Hardwood floor maintenance

12. Interior and exterior window cleaning

13. Maintenance for resilient and non-resilient flooring

14. Mini Blind Cleaning

15. Office and cubicle cleaning including phones and exposed surface disinfection

16. Parking lot sweeping and power washing

17. Provisioning of all general lavatory supplies

18. Safe Trash Removal

19. Shampooing carpets using appropriate techniques

20. Supply Restocking

21. Furniture & Upholstery cleaning

22. Vacuuming

23. Vault Cleaning

24. Wet and Dry mopping

25. Window Washing

We are so confident of our Financial Institutions cleaning services that we can actually guarantee your satisfaction in every aspect!