Sanitization & Disinfectant

Advanced and Unique Method of Sanitization

Our Sanitization methods are unique and more advanced than being used by other companies; our clients do not hesitate to testify. Customers who give us this opportunity to sanitize their office or residence can be rest assured that corners of their premises will be minutely disinfected to kill pathogens or Covid-19 deadly virus. Let us know if you’ve had breathing problems recently, and we will customize our services, accordingly We make or sanitization process easy and effective at the same time. It takes about one hour to sanitize 2000 sq foot space and is immediately ready for use. Our goal is to give you bacteria, odor, or allergens-free space so that you can breathe freely and to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Residential Sanitization Services

Our sanitizer sprays and methods are technologically superior which disinfect all surfaces at your premises. They are friendly to your skin, eyes, or lungs so that you can have absolute peace of mind. Our products are non-corrosive, which makes them suitable for sensitive electric applications in your kitchen as well.

Commercial Sanitization Services

Our existing customers are willing to sanitize their schools, homes, churches, offices, Shopping malls, gyms, and other commercial settings. Our commercial sanitization services help you work freely and results in increasing your overall health and productivity.

Let Specialists Sanitize Your Property

At CMS, let us understand that sanitizing your home or office to contain the spread of Covid-19 is not a simple task, as you might think. We are equipped and ready to sanitize the properties of every kind and of any size.

Our professional team works in a protected uniform and makes sure that your property is virus-free after the sanitization process is complete. That remains clean and protected for several months.

1. The best company offering residential and commercial sanitization services.

2. Customization of our services is also available to fulfill your sanitization requirements.

3. We use electrostatic spraying technology for more reliable disinfection.

4. We provide what we charge for, no hidden cost.

5. Provide information about the whole process and answer all your queries.

6. Follow best and effective techniques of sanitization.

7. Make sure that your home/office is free from the deadly Covid-19 Virus.

8. Believe in building long-term relations.

9. Use sanitizers and methods which are proved to be eco-friendly and harmless to human health.

It is most important to have a workplace and home that is free from Covid-19 and free from other viruses. Our specialized Antiviral Disinfection method and office Sanitization Service is available in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Noida. Our home disinfection team only uses the best and top-notch quality antiviral bactericidal cleansers, non-toxic products. The service can be availed separately or added to any other Sanitization and Disinfection Services.

Useful home disinfection solution across Delhi and home provinces

The periodical Sanitization services and maintenance of home/office have now an integral part of life. However, disinfecting the entire surface of your home/office or from the area of furniture is not easy. This is when our expert team comes into the picture to provide professional sanitizing services to your premises.

Unique sanitization methods used by our professional team will disinfect your home or workplace from deadly germs and microscopic bacteria. Our expert teams will go through the various possible corners of your premises. All, door handles, switches, desks, electronic equipment, and furniture will be deeply sanitized. Your home atmosphere will be air clean and will have a virus-free surface in every square inch.

Products used by our professional team kill 99.99% of the bacteria as soon as come in contact with the surface and are most effective against Salmonella, MRSA, E.coli, and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.

As stated above, CMS uses an EPA registered hospital l grade disinfectant and sanitizer.

With the help of a ULV sprayer that releases the solution in a most efficient manner than other equipment. The effectiveness of this product results in entire and overall deep cleaning on all difficult-to-reach surfaces. No different process of cleaning can connect to the comprehensive coverage of this product.

Our high-grade extract is wondrous because it kills most pathogens and allergens, yet is also gentle, with no wiping, or rinsing necessary. Also, it does not irritate your pets in any way.

However, we must recognize that it is not safe in every sense. Viruses, bacteria, and other dangerous things are regularly present, undeservedly circling us with threats of attack at every turn. What is so unusual about our sanitation services is the extremely useful products and systems we use to provide a wholly satisfactory cleaning experience. The absence of pathogens left behind by standard cleaning products and services ultimately negates the entire reason for cleaning: eliminating all harmful germs, bacteria, and other substances.

Sanitization Services FAQ's

Which areas are covered in the service?

This service is used for hard surfaces, such as doorknobs, door handles, keys, TV units, dining tables, metal/plastic chairs, laptops & iPads, mobile phones, switchboards & light switches, remote controls, etc. Do not use it on electrical fittings, food items, and hot surfaces or near an open flame. Liquids should not enter electrical switches or fuses.

All types of hard and soft surfaces like metal, wood, plastic, glass, fabrics, leather, concrete walls, and tiles.

Do I need to vacate the room during sanitization?

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