Educational Facilities Cleaning Services

Over the last 10 years in providing housekeeping and janitorial services in the country Classic Maintenance Services Pvt. Ltd. has earned a name in providing cost-effective cleaning services to educational facilities and has the expertise, experience, trained team, and complete knowledge that is essential to ensure that the safety, daily operation, environment and appearance of these educational facilities are maintained up to the global standards. Classic Maintenance Services Pvt. Ltd. offers its educational facilities cleaning services to both public and private schools, universities, colleges, coaching institutes, training facilities, pre-school, computer learning centers, and daycare centers.

With high usage and people traffic, schools and other educational facilities comprise some of the most intensive environments. Proper cleaning and regular maintenance of these facilities are very important to keep their appearance from deteriorating, restraining the spread of germs and harmful bacteria and thus attracting new and retaining existing students and staff in a healthy and safe environment.

Every educational facility has particular, and most of the time special cleaning needs, and our team is fully equipped to take care of all areas, including classrooms, auditoriums, libraries, gymnasiums, laboratories, lunchrooms and cafeteria’s, playgrounds, lawns and gardens, tennis and basketball courts, skating rinks, internal and external window cleaning, and much more. We can provide you with a cost-effective, highly customized, and efficient program that will meet your educational facility’s unique cleaning needs in every aspect.

Educational Facilities Cleaning Services provided by Classic Maintenance Services Pvt. Ltd. includes:

1. Building facade cleaning

2. Carpet and Rug Vacuuming/Steam cleaning

3. Disinfecting and detailed cleaning of infection-prone areas and touchpoints

4. Disinfecting and mopping of hard floors

5. Fixtures & light fittings

6. Floor maintenance

7. Graffiti removal

8. Kitchen and cafeteria cleaning

9. Outdoor sweeping including parking areas, playgrounds, and assembly area

10. Removing scuff marks & cobwebs

11. Sinks and benches cleaning

12. Skirting boards cleaning

13. Stripping and Sealing of vinyl floors

14. Tile and Grout cleaning

15. Toilets & tap fittings

16. Upholstery cleaning

17. Washing ceiling and walls

18. Window and windowsills cleaning

19. Staffroom, clerk’s office, and principal’s office cleaning

20. And most importantly, we are available on just a phone call.

And most importantly, we are available on just a phone call.