Green Care

We understand that you seldom have the time and energy in this modern age to keep yourself in sync with all of your domestic responsibilities, especially cleaning your home or office premises so that you live and work in a healthy environment worry-free.

Classic Maintenance Services Green Care program has the sole objective of improving the quality of the environment you live in by providing the best quality non-toxic cleaning for your house or office from tip to toe and every nook and corner of your house and office.

In our Green Care program we not only do a deep cleaning of your home or office with due care and attention, but we also use biodegradable, organic, non-toxic products, which are completely safe for you, your loving pets, and kids.

With the use of a very powerful vacuum cleaner which also acts as an air purifier and microfiber cloths designed to pick up even tiniest particles of dust and spots accumulated on your furniture, counters, windows, and floors we guarantee a crystal clear shine and 100% dirt and dust free home and office environment.

The Classic Maintenance green cleaning program and processes ensure 100% environment friendly and ISO 9001:2000 complaint cleaning of your home and office. Basic principles of Green Care Cleaning Services include:

Focus on Entrances and Exit Points:

A very significant thing in green care cleaning is to keep dirt and pollutants away before they enter the building and to recurrently cleaning the entrances and mats on the entryways.

Use chemical management systems:

Our well-trained staff uses a proper mix of non-toxic and environmentally friendly chemicals to reduce waste and take full advantage of cleaning efficiency.

Empty vacuum bags:

At the end of shifts or when required in between the job, the vacuum bags full of dust are being emptied with the safest waste managementtechniques for cleaner and more efficient operating.

Ensure proper vacuuming, extraction, rinsing, and drying of carpets:

Carpets are a host for problems of moisture and mold growth despite cleaning them every day. We minimize these risks by taking proper care of your carpe

Focus on preventative measures:

Our staff washes their hands and uses standard working gloves, caps, shoes, and helmets to keep equipment clean and well maintained so that they can deliver you the best of the cleaning services every time.

Focus on touch-points:

These are door handles, sitting furniture and other areas where people come in contact with the facility or its fixtures are prone to have germs and in green care cleaning we focus on these areas to keep them germ-free.

Applying disinfectant in restrooms properly:

Toilets and restrooms are the most prone areas for the growth of germs and bacteria and in green care cleaning, we make sure the chemicals we use to disinfect the restrooms have proper dwell time so that soil is thoroughly removed and you get hygienic toilets.