Lifts and Elevators Maintenance

A simple Guide to Elevator Maintenance Contracts. Understand the critical items and calculate elevator maintenance costs.

It’s that time again: your elevator maintenance contract is expiring, and you need to renegotiate.

The document is long and complicated. How do you know what’s most important?

How do you know which companies can maintain your elevators?

Let’s dig into the nitty-gritty details of your elevator maintenance contract and extract the critical items.

The guide will cover the following topics:

1. Elevator Maintenance Cost

2. Elevator Repair

3. Elevator Maintenance Companies

4. How to Avoid Poor Elevator Maintenance

5. Elevator Maintenance Checklist and Records

6. Elevator Maintenance Contract Types

7. Emergency Callback Service

8. Contract Exclusions

9. Elevator Maintenance Contract and Review Service

Elevator Maintenance Cost

Elevator service costs are a significant portion of your building’s operating budget. Making sure you’re getting a fair market price is important.

Therefore, we’ll start by discussing the cost of elevator maintenance.

How Much Does Elevator Maintenance Cost?

Elevator maintenance costs can range from Rs.6000 per month to Rs.10000 per month. Costs depend on the type of elevator, location, building height, and level of service. High-rise traction elevators cost more to maintain than low-rise hydraulic elevators.

Elevator Maintenance Cost Calculator

How much should you spend on elevator maintenance?

We built a simple tool to perform an elevator maintenance cost analysis for your building.

Then we organized the data based on location, coverage type, and building type to give you a quick calculation of what elevator maintenance should cost in your building.

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