Special Event Cleaning

You have just come to the realization that you want your space to be cleaned by professionals for your special event. Whether you are too busy to look after the guests or arranging other things and cannot fit cleaning into your schedule for the special event coming up, Classic Maintenance Services has the perfect and affordable solution for you.

We understand that special events deserve very special preparation and due attention to every minute detail. Whether it is a party, wedding, birthday celebration, sports tournament, conference, expo, trade fair, concert, or convention, you want your special event’s venue or the organization to look good, and that means a clean, presentable venue for all your valuable guests, where they can completely enjoy your event. CMS’s special event cleaning services can help you provide your guests with an absolutely neat and clean venue that will add memories to the moments of their stay in your event.

Our supervisor of the special event cleaning crew will meet with you in person to inspect your venue and understand your cleaning and other needs before, during, and after the event, and accordingly, we will deploy our team at your venue to complete the task. Classic Maintenance Services special events cleaning professionals will be well equipped with all cleaning tools and materials pre-positioned to support your event and deliver a seamless experience of freshness and tidiness to your guests.

Our team will take care of everything and all you have to do is host the event. Our special events cleaning team will leave your venue only after the event is over and they are ready to hand over your venue to you after cleaning and making it as good as new. We value our clients, and serving them up to their satisfaction level is our responsibility.

Our special events cleaning services include:

Pre-Party Cleaning and Preparation:

1. Appoint each place setting to your exacting standards.

2. Cleaning and disinfecting of food preparation and serving areas.

3. Cleaning and refreshing of washrooms.

4. Cleaning of entryways and common areas.

5. Press and remove wrinkles from cloth tablecloths and napkins.

6. Set out flower arrangements and candles.

7. Set up tables and arrange chairs.

8. Touch-point cleaning to maintain a healthy environment.

9. Vacuum, mop, dust, everything to get your venue looking fabulous.

10. Wash glasses and silverware so that they are spot-free.

During your special event:

1. Wait for service, carrying trays, refreshing food, and beverage tables.

2. Being available to help with miscellaneous tasks.

Post-Party Clean-up Tasks:

1. Assist with general post-party cleaning needs.

2. Break-down tables and stack folding chairs.

3. Disposal of all trash and recycling into correct containers, cleaning floors, chairs, tables, common areas, washrooms and touch-point surfaces to make your venue as good as new.

4. Vacuum, mop, dust, clean countertops, remove the garbage, etc.

5. Wash dishes, glasses, and silverware and put away.

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