Marble Polishing Services

Marble Polishing Services

Giving Your Marble A Sleek Appearance

Is your marble floor losing its luster? Are stains giving your marble floor a bad appearance? Worry not. With our professional Marble Polishing Services in Delhi NCR, we shall bring back the lost shine to your marble flooring.

Who wouldn’t love a spic and clean floor? Be it a residential space or a commercial space, having a clean and attractive floor is an asset. The positive impression it creates on the visitors is immense. With our best quality services, we ensure that your marble floor gets a sleek appearance.

We not only polish floors but also counter, bathrooms, kitchen platforms, tables, etc. If there is a marble on it, we shall make it shine.

Marble Polishing Services

The Services

Marble loses its luster due to scratches, scuffs, spills, and grime. Without proper care, marble appears dull in the long run. But with our help, you can bring back the life in the stone.

Our Marble Polishing Services include:

1. Cleaning

2. Grinding

3. Pigmentation

4. Polishing

5. Restoration

6. Sealing

7. Stripping

You get mirror finish polish, zero lippage, and homogenous sparkling floors. We follow a combination of natural, mechanical, and chemical processes to carry out your marble restoration. With our advanced tools and machinery, we assure you of the finest polishing finish to the floor. Allow us to provide our services to you. We are just a call away from restoring your marble floor.

Marble Polishing Services

Tools and Technology

The crucial elements in marble polishing services are the tools, technologies, and trained personnel. Classic Maintenance has all of these at its disposal.

We have advanced polishing equipment imported from the best manufactures in the world. We use the machines in combination with diamond-impregnated metal bonds and diamond pads to bring the fine finish.

Our personnel is professionally trained in handling the machines and carrying out the polishing process. We follow the international best methods in marble polishing services in delhi.

Tools and Technology

The Process

Grinding:- Grinding or sanding is the process of removing the rough edges, deep scratches, etch marks, and lippage on the marble. We specialize in using the right combination of diamond bond compound and diamond grit as per your floor. Our process is entirely dust-free. Unlike others, we do not leave low corners. We grind the entire floor evenly.

Polishing:- To get the high gloss finish to your marble, we polish it thoroughly rather than applying wax and other polymers. After flattening out the surface, we fill the gaps in the stone with Italian glue. It takes up the natural color of the stone and resembles the stone. We then take up a four-stage grinding process to bring the required smoothness to the floor. Later, we start polishing the surface using higher diamond grits and natural polishing powders to bring the shine.

Sealing:- Marble, being a limestone, is porous in nature. It has many gaps and pores that are not visible to the naked eye. When you spill something on the marble, the pores get filled and discolor the marble. Sealing is thus for avoiding this and maintaining the natural color of the stone. We use the best quality marble sealer to stop the liquid absorption by marble. As an advice, do not wipe the surface when you spill the liquid. Blot it up instead.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Classic Maintenance for your marble polishing means you are hiring the best in the business. Some of our advantages are:

1. We use the grinding process to bring shine to your marble rather than the waxing process that discolors the stone.

2. The use of diamond polishing techniques will provide long-lasting shine to your marble.

3. We do not take shortcuts. We follow professional approach.

4. Dustless marble polishing services in Gurgaon and restoration.

5. We have a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner that removes the slury from the polishing process and disposes of outside.

6. We ensure that none of your walls, woodworks, and other items are stained.

7. We use non-toxic chemicals in the marble restoration process.

We devote our time to sharpening our skills and providing the best services to our clients. Depending on the necessity, we bring our special marble restoration skills to the fore.

It is time you choose us for your marble polishing. Don’t hesitate to give us a call. We provide the best marble polishing services in whole Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad.

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