Why Choose Classic Maintenance Services

As a company, we guarantee that our facility management services deliver the solutions of out-of-the-box standards that everyone desires. The company’s strict adherence to facility management services and its processes has made sure that we make out promises to our customers come true. We as an organization do not believe in making false promises or deceiving our clients. We promise and we deliver. This discipline and work ethic has led us here and enabled us to ensure financial soundness, industry leadership, and advanced methodologies. Our experience over the years in the field of facility management services has

We work in close association with our business and industry clients to develop customized janitorial programs to fit facility-specific requirements. We understand that each industry requires janitorial solutions in a little different fashion than the other, and we listen to them carefully, we put in our knowledge and experience to provide efficient and cost-effective services in a work environment suiting to the specific industry and as per the client's expectation. Classic Maintenance Service specializes in creating and sustaining clean, healthy, and safe working environments while focusing on service excellence and operational efficiencies. Fully supported by professional, on-site management resources, our programs have so far fruitfully yielded considerable results by bettering quality and safety, comprising costs, training, and motivating employees while minimizing risks.

Customized Solutions, Innovative Systems

Classic Maintenance Service can customize a service plan that works faultlessly and impeccably for you using documented and professional work management processes, advanced technologies, and highly trained and responsible personnel. Our Janitorial Services Program uses the best products, procedures, equipment, and training available, all geared exclusively towards the cleaning and maintenance requirements of industrial and commercial facilities. Over the years, our innovations have propelled our janitorial services ahead of conventional programs. By replacing physical labor with unique, multi-functional, and modern equipment, our powerful systems provide cleaner facilities and reduce the labor and supply costs significantly.

Waste management
Soft services
Pressure washing
Inventory control
General maintenance
Document disposal
Clean room services
Window cleaning
Special event services
Production line support
Light industrial services
Upholstery cleaning
Restroom Sanitization
Medical waste disposal
Hard surface floor care
Foodservice Sanitization
Day cleaning
Carpet care
Duct cleaning
Green cleaning
Emergency services
Computer room cleaning
Supply management
Recycling services
Matting programs
Hard services
Escalator cleaning
Construction cleanup
Blind cleaning
Water tanks cleaning
Facade cleaning

Implementation and Transition

Classic Maintenance Services has extensive experience managing change processes in a wide variety of businesses. Consequently, we are adept at helping organizations cope and even thrive during periods of great change. We ensure a seamless and austerely disruptive transition to our Janitorial Services Program using several unbeaten tactics and ongoing communication all through the transition and implementation period.

Before the official start date, an experienced team of Classic Maintenance Services supports specialists led by a dedicated and experienced Facility Services Manager primes the association for success by:

Taking care of a complete inventory of equipment and setting up a database for the maintenance management system.

Recruiting staff, assessing skills and training needs, and providing orientation and initial training.

Developing and implementing a successful communication plan.

Keeping track of the progress at every stage of the development.

The start-up team then ensures the seamless transition of service and responsibility by implementing proven programs that establish and document safety, quality assurance, training, and maintenance management and by providing backup technical and manpower resources.

It's All About Execution

The Classic Maintenance Services Janitorial Services Program comprises seven key modules that work in concert to increase efficiency and ensure quality:

Production Scheduling: Optimizes employee schedules and develops time management.

Quality Control: Tracks the improving areas and also the areas where more attention is required.

Personnel Management: Tracks employee training records and performances, addressing both strengths and weaknesses. And focuses on the weak areas to improve and provide inputs to fill up the gaps.

Financial Management: Helps to reduce costs related to labor, equipment, supplies, and other overheads by reporting where and when money is being spent.

Inventory Management: Ensures value from supply and equipment expenditures by taking an inventory analysis of all existing supplies and equipment.

Program Evaluation: Evaluates the training programs, cleaning and maintenance programs, and tracks costs and other department expenses.

Utilities: Records all maintenance files for the digital overview in the computer system, covering start-up information like shift differentials, etc.

Quality Assurance

We make every effort to bring long-term value to our client relationships by providing innovative, best-in-class services delivered with veracity and accountability. These services include:

1) Daily supervisor inspections to show the quality of work performance achieved in a particular area and the essential improvements if required.

2) Executive joint review meetings to report on current program status, accomplishments, and future objectives.

3) Frequent site visits by our on-site management team to assess service levels and alert our managers to any inveterate or potential concerns.

4) Weekly inspections, quarterly and annual department progress reviews to review work accomplishments and set objectives for future work required.

5) Annual customer surveys to have a clear understanding of our functioning and performance in complying with the client's service requirements.

Measuring Performance

Monitoring performance outcomes is a significant part of the overall Classic Maintenance Services management program. Our Partnership Success Plan helps us to go beyond client expectations by incessantly measuring our performance in numerous ways:

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are used to meet our performance management objectives and the requirements and expectations of our clients. KPIs are measured and tracked on a monthly basis and used by facility managers to recognize trends in performance.

Continuous improvement programs help us to exceed our clients' requirements by improving our products and services. Unremitting enhancement programs are enforced at all of our client locations to boost the quality of services we provide.

ISO 9001:2000 is an internationally recognized standard for quality management systems. Our whole operating system is built on KPIs indispensable to achieve world-class performance. We set up ISO 9001:2000 standards for the operational controls at several locations to ensure a consistent level of service.

To further improve service and continue enduring quality, Classic Maintenance Services audits operations in all of our facilities on a regular basis